Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Randoms

As for those of you who read my blog (brownie points will be distributed later), you may have noticed that I deleted a few items. Something you must know about me: I loathe being censored.

DH happened to stumble upon my blog, and "expressed" how he disliked how much "personal information" I disclosed. We then had a "discussion" which lead to my, let's face it, incredibly brat-tastic erasing of anything containing his/our personal existence.

Do not be alarmed. We are now back to our usual state of marital bliss after I calmly explained how I hate being told what I can and cannot write about, and that I am a responsible adult that is discreet..................sort of. Nevertheless, we came to an agreement, and I am back!

However, sadly, I permanently deleted most of the goods. Those of you who didn't read it missed out. You snooze you lose, right?


Cats are sneaky. So sneaky that sometimes after you've thrown them out of your room three times when your husband is getting ready, they sneak in, hide underneath the bed, and lie in waiting for the precise moment to attack their victims.

Unfortunately, that was the case this morning. I'm sad to report that the bunny has not survived. My cat has this habit of playing with small stuffed animals. He apparently found one that plays a fun "cat and mouse" game (excuse the somewhat-of-a pun). The bunny wasn't eaten. He was just tossed around a bit too much.

I cried like a baby for about three hours. The bunny was later laid to rest in our back yard.


I got another job. I will now be raising funds in true telemarketing style for the university.

.....not excited. Looking for new job.


Yesterday, I had a way cool unexpected (well, no one gave me the message of their impending anyway) visit from my friend and her husband. I cannot WAIT for them to move close by!


I am officially well on my way to becoming a pharmacist. Scared? Hell yeah. I hate calculus.


pixie said...

Awww...I'm sorry about the bunny. Poor little guy. Glad you are back!

Amie said...

Yeah, me too. SubhanAllah - I guess it was just his time. But I still felt so bad. I really did cry for about three hours on and off. Pathetic, I know, but I'm a tenderheart for little critters.
Thanks! : D Me too!

pixie said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better I would have cried for three hours too. I don't think it's pathetic at all. I was a train wreck for months after my kitty passed away. I think my friends were ready to commit me. I once saw a horse go down at a horse race and bawled like a baby. I got made fun of so bad because I was 22 and no one could understand because it was "just a horse". Can't watch or go to a horse race since.