Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time Flies


Wow! It's been a month since I've blogged. I miss the blog-o-sphere, so while I don't exactly have huge events to describe, I'll update.

Studying for Tests: A Ponderment

I find it rather strange how we treat the people different circles in our lives. For example, I know beyond any shadow of doubt that my husband loves me with all his heart. But when we sit down to study (He's way better at math than I. Being his wife I feel I have the right to solicit free tutoring.), he loses his patience with me very easily. However, he can sit with my grandpa and teach him the binary code for hours and be cool, calm and collected. While I still chewed him a while for his treatment of me, I had to sit and reflect about how I, too, do the same thing to people around me.

It seems the people closest to me, I tend to lose my patience more. Is it just saving face, or a huge test that I fail over and over again? Shouldn't it be that I keep my cool a lot longer with people who love me, support me and pick me up out of the gutter when I tend to place myself there rather than spend time kissing the general public's derriere? While it's much easier to deal with someone you don't have to take home with you, I think it would be a much happier home if we had the same long-tempered fuse that we use once we leave our driveways.

Pharm Girl: A New Blog
As I'm beginning my Pharmacy schooling career inshaAllah, I also want to make a blog specifically for the trials and tribulations at the Pharm. I'm most likely going to use wordpress for this endeavor, (though I haven't yet decided) and I will post my address here when I make it. I will keep this one for personal ventings, and use the other for strictly Pharmaceutical news, Pharmacy school and world health related issues.

Hard Hat Zone
Construction is well underway for Chateau de la Guinea Pig. I felt sorry for our small loveable rodent living in his tiny abode, so I decided to hit the interweb to check out a new pad. I was more than overwhelmed at the price people expected me to pay for a habitat for an animal that, while I love him dearly, I got as a gift.

I checked out Ebay and discovered the a store specifically dealing in "custom-made" guinea pig cages, but check out the cost for one of decent size: $114.

Holy shinto. I think not.

I started to study what they were actually constructed of. Remember those cube, snap together shelves we all had in our rooms when we were kids (or at least knew people who did)? Plus a little corrugated plastic, and I do believe kids that you have exactly what's listed in that Ebay store for half of their price. *witchawww*